Praise and worship him

We are inviting our worship comrades to visit and support our chain worship ministry and other annual and monthly ministry activities

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Our Youths Community

We are raising our voices to our fellow teens to be part of the king’s army of Jesus Christ, that you join our family annual and monthly activities.

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Dominion women of faith

We recognize the grace of God upon our mentors and women department in general for this God given opportunity to introduce our ministry activities to the world

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Our young Children

We are welcoming you to our website that shows our monthly, annual activities as indicated to enjoy our songs, messages, sports and other activities with your encouraging messages and support

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Bishop Rock Nsubuga takes this great opportunity to welcome you fellow ministers of the Kingdom of God, friends, brothers and sisters globally, to this kingdom family website of Jesus Christ the king.

As the founder of this Global Ministry, the grace of God has enabled us to increase the Godly bold faith within the lives of people with the spirit of praise, worship, flowing prayer life, building the health of needy and disadvantaged children, bringing hope to the youths, widow and single parents within the kingdom of God and communities.


Rock Nsubuga

We engage in the various gospel in and outreach activities, discipleship programs, and also empower communities socially, economically, and spiritually through local and worldwide community services.

You are invited to join us as we extend this vision globally (to build, raise, and impact Godly skills and knowledge to people globally).

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Dominion global family ministries was born by God of Abraham and the father of our Lord Jesus Christ, through his humble and dedicated son Bishop Rock Nsubuga the vision bearer. After long time prayers, commitment, and sacrificial giving to the vision in 2007

God guided him to see more trusted four directors to make a total of five board members with him, having a special office known as chairman/founder.

Dominion Global Family Ministries is the only legal name of the Ministry which is registered as a motherboard of all other objectives under the umbrella of the Dominion Global Family Vision. Dominion Global Family operates through a departmental / section chain system to fulfill its objectives, development, and mission programs under the management and supervision of Dominion Global Family general hierarchy, structure and administrative work policy.

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Church Inspirations

Within our operational organs the departmental sections and all groups of Dominion global family and ministry will always meet once within the selected date in the month and have a competition reading of the word of God accompanied by a reward from within the department head executive board / well-wishers.

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Latest Sermons

Our ministry is always demonstrating the Godly character of giving his son to us, to demonstrate his love to ourselves, and to wherever giving will be necessary worldwide as our character, but only in the name of Jesus Christ and to please our God.

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Upcoming Events

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Latest blogs

Latest information on religion, church, politics revolves around us here at Dominion

The Children Department

We take this great opportunity to thank our mentors especially Bishop Rock Nsubuga for having become a model for us enhancing our successful journey in the ministry. “We are committed youth ministers of dominion g

Praise the Lord our Fellow Youth

We are committed youth ministers of dominion global family ministry. We happily glorify our heavenly father for this new way of reaching out to our fellow youth globally. You are all welcome to our youth website page and t

We are raising our voice to our fellow teens

We are raising our voice to our fellow teens to be part of the king’s army of Jesus Christ, that you join our family annual and monthly activities. As teens of dominion global family ministry, we are being raised and

The leadership of the children’s

The leadership of the children’s department in the dominion global ministries brings their greetings to you their fellow children in the world, churches and children’s organization globally. We are welcoming yo

Dominion Dorcus Supporting Bag

As the author of our faith Jesus Christ taught us (Mathew 25:34-40) the family of dominion global ministries has already opened the supporting bag for the needy, orphans and other disadvantaged people in the local communit

God of love, power and glory

God of love, power and glory, trusted us with his glorious divine office, to beautify the body of Christ within our ministerial operation globally. Proudly we are taking this opportunity to thank all of you within and outs