The Women Department of Our Community

Dominion Global family ministries recognize that women are not just wives and mothers since they are required to fill various roles in order to see God's purpose for their lives. Women’s can be both wives and a mother. It's pointless to ignore the importance of these roles in the lives of many women, but we must acknowledge that women who are unmarried, childless, divorced, single, struggling with infertility, focused on their careers, and everything in between. They're all important to God, and none of them should have the impression that God's plans don't include them.

“Within our operational system, we will always worship and praise the God of Abraham and the father of our Lord Jesus Christ only in our ministry.”

Within our operational ministry we will always depend and focus on God, believe that with him we must not only talk, but doers with irreversible committed force as an unbreakable covenant of faith in the word of God. We will also be united as a team, fully hardworking and committed to implement the vision of dominion global family vision in the world tirelessly.