Praise the lord our fellow youth world wide

We are committed youth ministers of dominion global family ministries. We happily glorify our heavenly father for this new way of reaching out to our fellow youth globally. The youth department is lead by the youth executive which has the chairman Batume Charles, vice chairman Kolaigye Simon, secretary Ssembogga Jonathan, Treasurer Nakungu Sarah, project manager Mwesigwa John, Ndagire Keren welfare manager and Atuha Beneath youth administrator.

“Youth conference is a multiday activity for youth ages. Youth conferences often include devotionals, games, dances, service projects, and other learning experiences. They are usually held once a year in August. Youth conferences are planned by the youth executive and the church executive which enable easy planning and running of the conference and day.”

The youths at Dominion Global family organize occasion were the youths are able to have the opportunity to interact with one another at the stake and multistake levels. This is especially important to create the relationship between the youth members and youth executive together with the church administration and executive. And the stake and multistake activities of Dominion Global family youth include helping families in need, praying and preaching the gospel to the community through door to door, open air preaching, cleaning the meetinghouse or other Church building or grounds, organize a food drive for those in need, Work with the community to organize a group service project.

The youths of Dominion Global Family church engage themselves in learning useful skill and use them to serve GOD and those in need in the community. Also the youth hold camp fire meeting, hold a conference for young men and young women, Gather in a large group and strengthen one another in living the gospel, strengthen relationships and exercise while participating in friendly competition, plan events that are physical but casual and noncompetitive and also host sports tournament for the youth and community, form groups to plan and perform short plays or skits, learn dances and music from before the youth were born, form a youth choir and perform for others.

This is especially to our fellow youth in churches , Schools and all other ministries within the global communities
Please be part of this growing youth family movement, for the kingdom missions of Christ. We take this great opportunity to thank our mentors especially Bishop Rock Nsubuga for having become a model for us enhancing our successful journey in the ministry.